Trista (followingtulips) wrote,

It's been awhile so what the hell.

I don't want to get back to work and I haven't been on here in forever. Nothing new is happening. Still working at the same place in the same business unit. Still with Jayson. Still not engaged or married. Still no kids. We aren't going to be able to buy a house right now like we wanted. Probably another year in this expensive house we are in. I am just hoping they extend the tax incentive one more time!
Jessica has been living here for 4 months now, though she is not really home. Josh finally got smart and went back to WI. She is gone now, but I know for awhile when she gets back it is going to be hard. They have only been officially broken up now for 3 months. It's about time they stop playing the games and stop being together while saying they are broken up. Everyone's relationships seem to be like that right now. Not mine. :-D
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