Trista (followingtulips) wrote,


A lot has been going on. I am just going to put it in blocks as I think about it.

-We are going to buy a house next year (assuming Jayson proposes) We have been looking a lot of weekends, but haven’t really found any new builds that we like except in QC and we just don’t want to move that far. We went to Sam and Moniques this weekend, and though we saw the model of their house, I liked it a lot more seeing real people living there. I wonder if the other houses are the same. We need a room that is big enough for the projector and a backyard that is big enough for a pool, even though we won’t have one right away. We would like to have a 2.5-3 car garage so that we can fit the motorcycle and have some tools and build some stuff. We would like an RV gate for the future, but no new homes have that. We can have a 3 bedroom, but since we plan on being in the same place a while I would like a 4 bedroom for when we have kids. We’ll see how it goes. We still have 9 months.

-We are not going to WI anymore. My cousins fiancé called off the wedding. We were still going to go, but I got a huge bill from the IRS. I still have to call, but I need to save money. Jessica and Josh are going to come out here and we are going to go to California and 6 flags. I am so excited to have 11 days off! I need it! I am excited to go to CA too. I haven’t been in awhile and my sister has never been.

-Pancreatitis is gone. I was doing really good at first with eating right and working out. I lost 15 pounds, but now I think I gained 5 back. I have to get going again. I want to look good when we have parties and when we go to the beach.

-I passed my super hard class with a B! I just wanted a C for my prereq. But a better grade is good too. I am not going to do summer school to save money and I am going to probably do 3 classes the fall semester.

-My mom’s surgery went well. She hasn’t really been in any pain. She has been too active so she has to wear her boot for another week. I don’t know how active you can be laying around the house. She has to do it again in August when she gets back from WI.

-I am switching business units in hopefully about 1 month and a half. I cannot stand Pratt Whitney. I just hope it comes when it is supposed to because I cannot stand this anymore! Jayson is applying for a project manager position. One of the guys he does interviews with is doing the interview so hopefully he will have an advantage. It comes with a hefty raise so that would be nice. We can have more money to get a house and have a wedding. We’ll see.
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