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I'm a mess

So last week I went to urgent care and as usual they gave me some drugs and told me to go to my doctor. At least they gave me a referral for physical therapy. My doctor (actually the PA) only gave me the same drugs, even after I said they didn't work. She at least traded the Flexeral for Soma and that helped, but even after I told her the vicodin wasn't working she didn't give me anything else.
On Saturday we planned to go the the Renaissance Festival with Jayson's friend Chris and his wife. I woke up at 8 and my upper abdomen was hurting. I thought it was my GERD so I took some Pepdcid. After that didn't help I took Zantac. That didn't help so I just took my vicodin and soma for my back. At about 3 I felt really sick and my stomach was really hurting me. We went home and I went to sleep. My stomach started to hurt really bad. At 9 we decided to go to the hospital. I was put on an IV for fluids and pain killers. I was there until after 2 AM. They said I have pancreatitis and gave me pain killers and meds for nausea. I went to the doctor today (the PA again) and she gave me Prilosec. She asked if I drank and said that she didn't know why they diagnosed it as that. She had me go and get more blood work. All I know is if I run out of meds and the Prilosec does work (which it won't) I am going to blow my top! I have no clue why she thinks it's acid. I never had much problems with acid before and she did ask me anything to come to that conclusion. I have HMO now so I can't go to another doctor either. I am so mad. I switched insurance to go specifically to my old doctor and now they are closing the office and when I do go there I see her physician's assistant. We will see what happens. Pray for me because I am in excruciating pain! I can't even eat! I hate my life right now.
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